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Mindful in May

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This month the children at Willow Tree will be participating in the Mindful in May Meditation Challenge to help raise money for people in Ethiopia to have access to clean water and also learn some useful relaxation techniques for clarity, focus and calmness.

Try it too!!! Transform your mind and take the challenge for yourself with just 10 minutes of meditation a day. For more information go to: www.mindfulinmay.org


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In reflecting on what ANZAC Day means to us our Educators asked the Willow Tree Children "why are we so lucky to be Australian?"... Here were some of the responses they gave us...

R- " We have lots of pretty flowers and a huge big red rock...
that people from all over come to see!"
M- " Australia has lots and lots of water and it's very clean for us to drink!"
I- "We are lucky because we live in nice houses!"
P- " Australia has lots of different kinds of animals that nobody else has!"
T- " We live in a good country, we are lucky because we can do what we like...I love everything about Australia!"

It is from the powerful legacy that our ANZACS left us that Australia's future, our children, are able to continue living in this wonderful country of ours.

We hope that you are able to reflect on what ANZAC Day means for you and your families.




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HAPPY EASTER to all of our friends and families at Willow Tree... We had a wonderful week making cards for the Camden Downs Retirement Village and finished off with an Easter morning tea with our Grand Parents... The Easter Bunny even came for a visit too!!!


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A vision for Children's Learning

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Willow Tree Kindergarten has adapted the Early Years Learning Framework and is now embedded into our service and curriculum. Using the framework we are able to ensure that all children in our service experience quality teaching and learning with a specific emphasis on play based learning. Together with partnerships between families and educators we are able to recognise communication, language, (including early literacy and numeracy), social and emotional development importance and implement enriching experiences within our service.

SDN Satelite Service - Helping to support children with Autism

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Willow Tree Kindergarten is proud to be a Satelite Service with SDN Beranga - an Autism specific demonstration centre. As apart of the program, we are supported to continuing to implement high quality care, practice and programs for children with Autism spectrum disorder.

Each month, Educators from Willow Tree participate in Refections on Practice with other Satelite Services in the Greater Western Sydney area. Educators are also provided with specialised coaching and workshops with the multidisciplinary team from Beranga, in supporting us with developing Individual Support Plans (ISP) for children who are enrolled in our service who are on the spectrum.

If your child has an Autism Specific Diagnosis and you would like to be a part of our satelite program at Willow Tree  please contact our friendly staff on (02) 4621 3000.

Willow Tree Program Aim

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We aim to…

* Our program encompasses The National Quality Framework and The National Quality Standard, ensuring both programs and practises are stimulating and engaging.

* Plan learning experiences according to the individual needs and interests of all children. The program will also consider the needs of the group as a whole.

* Make learning experiences meaningful to the children and emphasise a hands on, interest based approach with direct observation and exploration opportunities 

* Encompass all developmental areas (social, emotional, physical and intellectual) and include a wide variety of learning experiences.

* Provide an anti bias / integration program that displays the diversity of cultures that are represented in the local & wider communities.

* Offer a stable routine that is also flexible to meet both individual needs and aditional needs of the children.

* Display daily/weekly programs for parents to view

* Maintain appropriate and up to date records for each child.